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The Gulf Stream Hotel is a historic hotel in Lake Worth, Florida. It is located at 1 Lake Avenue. On January 11, 1983, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. This historic restored hotel, is located "Where The Tropics Begin", adjacent to the Intracoastal Waterway in downtown Lake Worth, in the center of the Palm Beach area. The hotel is a short walk to beaches, shopping, restaurants, and the waterside Lake Worth Golf course. The only remaining grand hotel of Palm Beach's "Roaring 20's", the Gulfstream has 80 percent of its rooms facing water.

Originally built in 1923, the hotel was mostly owned by the families of Gen. Richard C Marshall and Col. H.Cabel Maddox. From 1941 to 1971, it was managed by Ben Pease. After Pease retired, William R. Donnell, along with his wife Ellen, son Rick, and daughters Beth and Carol ran the operations until 1992.

A book was written about the classic hotel in 1976 titled "The Gulfstream Hotel Story" by Glenn Ingram. Ingram was a career CPA from Chicago who spent many winters at The Gulfstream with his wife Nelle.


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